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Revit® Files

Listed below are all Revit® files currently available for Viking sprinklers, valves, and systems. We are continually adding files, so be sure to check this page periodically.

Viking Fire Sprinklers

Standard Coverage - Standard Response

Standard Coverage - Quick Response

Viking Valves & Systems

Deluge & Preaction Systems

Steel Pipe & Fittings

VGS® Grooved Piping System

VGS Grooved Fittings

Grooved Elbow - V-7110 (90°), V-7111-45°, V-7112-22.5°, V-7113-11.25°)

Grooved End Cap (Model V-7160)

Grooved End-All Fitting (Model V-899)

Grooved Flange (Model V-7041)

Grooved Tee / Cross (Model V-7120 / V-7135)

Short Radius Grooved Elbow / Tee (Models V-901 / V-903)